N KarthikeyanPrincipal Advisor - Cyber Crime & Member Advisory Board

areas of expertise
  • Cyber Law Attorney
  • Intellectual Property Expert
  • Forensic Analyst
  • Certified Cyber Crime Investigator
  • Certified Cyber Forensic Analyst
  • BA BL (Hons) – LAW – Ambedkar Law University
  • PGDIPR – Ambedkar Law University
  • IPDP – The College of Law, England & Wales

Karthikeyan, is a renowned cyber law expert, who is also the principal advisor of Cyber Crime Chambers, a reputed firm specializing in Internet laws. He specializes in Intellectual Property Law, Cyber Law and other Technology laws. He had completed the prestigious course ‘International practice in Intellectual Property Law’ offered by the International Bar Association, London. He had successfully completed the qualifying bar exam of England & Wales. He gained rich experience from the Barristers and Solicitors practicing at the Royal Courts of Justice, England & Wales.

He is renowned as one of India’s foremost Cyber Law practitioner. His expertise of course, extends well beyond the Courts. His speech had been broadcasted in numerous television channels including BBC News, London. He provides opinions and advices leading corporates across the globe including Indian governmental bodies on numerous Cyber Law issues. He is regarded by many as the first point of consultation for any potential Cyber Crime and Cyber Law related issues.

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