Mr.Christie CherianChairman - British Business Group, Chennai

areas of expertise
  • Management Consultant
  • British Business Expert
  • Banking
  • International Banking
  • Textiles
  • MBA – School of Management, London

Christie Cherian   Chairman, British Business Group Chennai plays an active role in Eastern Shepherd International as member of the Advisory Board. He believes that “Startups not just provide jobs & opportunities, but provide ambition & confidence that the country needs” and hence he is keen to see that Eastern Shepherd continues to contribute to the communities in which it operates.

His professional capacity has had over 53 years of experience in international banking / textiles & management consulting around the world. Currently as Chairman of the BBG in which Eastern Shepherd is also a member, Christie drives the UK collaborations for Eastern Shepherd International.

One of the networking platforms, especially for Indian start-up with operations in the UK and vice versa, is British Business Group (BBG). It is an association or club of expatriate British Business people, “The aims of the BBG are typically to encourage trade with the host country and to provide a social environment for business networking. Typically, a BBG will organise trade missions, lectures and social functions.

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