Project – Cyber Safe Girls

One of the serious concerns of our nation is the cyber and sexual harassment crimes that has been perpetrated on seemingly vulnerable girls. What is more appalling is the alarming increase of these crimes among girls in the age group of thirteen to nineteen. Often these victims are silent and do not speak up until they reach a break down point, sometimes leading to fatal results. Eastern Shepherd has taken upon itself to intervene and create awareness for this age group on cyber safety and sexual harassment.

The approach is to provide a one-time face to face intervention followed by continuous updates through our web and mobile applications. This initiative will be run in every district in the state and eventually to all states in the country. District-wise coverage of girls in the age group of 13 to 19 starting from Tamilnadu in Phase1 and covering other states in other phases.

A 90 minutes face to face (F2F) intervention on cyber safety and sexual harassment awareness by our staff and volunteers in every district schools. Follow through and continued education by providing a login id to our mobile/web application on a nominal annual subscription basis. We are building vernacular options for every state apart from English and Hindi. Updates/lessons learnt communications on a regular basis will be cascaded. Can be accessed from mobile phones/pads/computers with or without parental guidance.

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