Sadhana Somasekhar

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Sadhana Somasekhar, CEO & MD of Zeus Career and Performance Coach Pvt. Ltd. Sadhana is a well-known professional in the corporate world with multiple leadership roles in the industry. She is also the Chairperson of the Diversity & Inclusion Council (TN) of NASSCOM; Vice- Chairperson of Ladies League ASSOCHAM; Expert Mentor in National Entrepreneurs Network; Vice-Chair in Coaching Foundation India (CFI) Limited; Pink Ambassador in 2014 for West Cancer Research Foundation (WCRF) and the Chairperson Platinum Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.
As a certified CEO/Executive Coach from Coaching Foundation India, she leverages her considerable hands-on/practical experience from working across business functions, across geographies, verticals and challenging situation to assist everyone she coaches. She works on a one-on-one basis with each leader. Her action-learning approach seeks to advance self-development and new discovery, while focusing on immediate/tangible business benefit. The profiles of individuals that she has been involved with in a coaching engagement vary from CXOs to high-potential, fast track Middle to Senior Managers. She excels in situations that are strategically challenging and politically sensitive, and where direct feedback may not be available.
Bombay University- Degree BS. (Micro), MS (Clinical Ana.), PG (Hon) Systems Analysis. Field of Study- Microbiology (Bombay Univ), Information Technology (NIIT, Chennai)