Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Forensics & Security

Information Security is one of the most important challenges any modern organizations face. Security is about protecting organizational assets, including personnel, data, equipment and networks from attack through the use of prevention techniques in the form of vulnerability testing/security policies and detection methods, exposing breaches in security and implementing effective responses.

Digital forensics involves the use of specialized techniques to investigate the recovery, authentication and analysis of data on electronic data storage devices as well as Network Security breaches and cyber attacks using different tools and techniques.

Implementing IT Security: Study will provide you with knowledge of security, associated risks and how security breaches impact on business continuity. You will examine security measures involving access authorization, regulation of use, implementing contingency plans and devising security policies and procedures

Learn the threats and vulnerabilities in physical and IT security, and know how to manage risks at an organizational level, covering Network Security design including address translation, DMZ, VPN, firewalls, AV and intrusion detection systems with remote access, frequent vulnerability testing, security audit compliance and review mechanisms. During the learning process, you will carry out digital forensics, forensic investigation legal guidelines and procedures. Use tools to conduct a digital forensic investigation on devices or networks or cyber attacks. Develop a test plan and make a recommendation for use in the digital forensic investigation.

Further, you will learn mathematical algorithms used in cryptography, symmetric and asymmetric cryptography work, 3DES and AES block ciphers, the operations of public key cryptography, PKI with primality testing and factoring, discreet logarithms, El Gamal encryption and security issues with cryptography and some practical applications of cryptography.


  • Forensics
  • Cryptography
  • Information Security Management
  • Security
  • Network Security
  • Project

Prerequisite: Should be a Graduate with fundamental computing skills.

Duration: 9 months (Classroom & Online program options available)

Career opportunities:

Companies looking for AI talents are Amazon, Apple, Multinational Banks, Lockheed Martin, CISCO, Intel, Boeing and much more. Upon completion of Digital Forensic & Security program, you may apply for positions such as:

  • Forensic Computer Analysts

  • IT Security Coordinator

  • Ethical Hacker

  • Fraud Analyst

Program Benefits

  • Receive a Professional Masters Diploma to Differentiate Yourself in the Market
  • Re skill & Up skill Yourself to get an Upgrade in your Career
  • Increase your opportunities for New Careers in Industry Required Skills
  • Integrated Focus & development of Technical and Soft Skills
  • Learn from the most updated curriculum and gain the latest skills & knowledge in the Industry
  • Progress to the Masters degree in United Kingdom post completion of the course
  • Options to pursue part program and work in Australia available based on eligibility
  • Bank Loan facility available for the course fees

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