Cyber Security

VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing)

  • Review all processes, policies, assets for units under scope (Operations, Finance, etc)
  • Perform vulnerability assessment of units in scope internal (network / systems / infrastructure /applications)
  • Conduct L2 penetration testing (with approval) of units in scope internal (systems / Infrastructure / applications)
  • Assess current configuration and patch state
  • Assign Risk rating on identified vulnerabilities (i.e. Systems / Infrastructure / Applications)
  • Run through hackers hunt scenario test
  • Run through inside threat scenario
  • Run application exploit scenario
  • Scenario test of DOS/DDOS/Top 10 perimeter / network / end point exploit mechanism
  • Detailed recommendations for review of management

Cyber Risk Assessments

  • Review adequacy of existing security policies, standards, guidelines and procedures
  • Analyse assets, threats and vulnerabilities, including their impacts and likelihood
  • Review existing perimeter security, network security, end point security, data security, infrastructure design
  • Conduct technical and procedural review and analysis of the network architecture, data flow (Egress / Ingress)  protocols and components to ensure that they are implemented according to the security policies
  • Conduct and review F2F sessions with security team, IT network team, IT security provider
  • Review and check all critical IT assets – configuration, implementation and usage of remote access systems, servers, firewalls and external network connections, including client internet connection
  • Review identity and access management, patch management, incident management and authentication mechanisms
  • Review current level of security awareness and commitment of staff within the organization
  • Develop practical technical recommendations to address the vulnerabilities identified, and minimize security risk

Cyber Security Education

  • We impart cyber threat intelligence education service to enable our clients prepare for latest tools/techniques used by threat actors.
  • Our 3x per year training is focused on Email, USB, Internet, password, data protection subjects, and 2x social engineering tests per year (e.g. simulated phishing/spam test).

Cyber Incident Response

  • We assist our client in addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach.
  • Our Cyber incident response includes tactical response to real-time spam, phishing, virus, and malware breaches (i.e. incidents) and insight into threat actors, attack methods, and motives. 5x per month incident analysis.
  • We focus on handling the situation in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and cost to our client.

Security Risk Management

  • A unique way of assessment, tracking and remediation for vulnerability management.
  • We have designed it to take care of cloud environment too.

Project Management and Security Certifications

  • We deliver and support for any industry security certifications like PMP, CISSP, CEH, etc.,

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