Study or Work Abroad and Settle Overseas

10+2 Students can explore opportunities abroad in world’s top universities in various streams including  Engineering, Science, Arts, and Information Technology. Convenient bridge programmes are also an option.

Engineering Graduates and Degree holders in general can continue with their Masters or Post Graduate Diploma program that leads to jobs and permanent settlement abroad if required. International Internship opportunities available for National Board Accredited programs from Tier-1 colleges. These internships come under the Washington Accord and hence these Engineers get a direct work Visa (Sub Class – 476 or 457) even before they travel abroad.  You may want to talk to our counselors to know more. Take the next step, give us a call or send us an email and we will help you with all that you need on the Study Abroad or Study and Work programs across many countries. The popular destinations are Australia, Ireland, Canada, USA and UK

Foundational English Communication Skills training leading to qualifying in English Language Proficiency certifications like IELTS, PTE etc is provided by us. We have special tutors for students from Tamil medium schools and Tamil family backgrounds. It must be noted that this certification is mandatory for all overseas programs. We also deliver one on one IELTS coaching for students on prior request and booking. 

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