We are passionate about what we do, that is our first strength. We always strive for excellence and look for innovative ways to make our youth employable in the shortest possible time. We keep refreshing our expertise with industry best practitioners. We are flexible, sensitive and compassionate to the needs of our clients. We believe in constant research and engagement with the ever-changing job market. We are open to feedback and ready to change for the better. We share the vision of the Government of India, the Skill India agenda. We don’t believe in getting a job for our youth, we want to help them build a career. Our focus is also to empower small businesses to flourish.
The Engineers Australia’s Professional Year Program in Engineering was developed by Engineering Education Australia (EEA) to equip international ..
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The Cyber Security Analyst Job role and Occupational Standards has been aligned to international standards and is mapped to current cyber events happening across the corporate and social world..
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Financial Crimes are ultimately crimes against communities we live in and needs mandatory response from every good citizen of this city and the country...
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Technology Programmes

a. Security Analyst 
– Network security analyst
– Application Security Analyst

b. Software developer
– Java developer – full stack
– Open source developer
– dot net developer

– Android developer
– IOS developer

c. Software tester
– Automation Tester

2. Banking and Financial Services (on demand only)

  1. Financial Crime Compliance Officer – KYC/CDD, AML and Sanctions Compliance.
  2. Trade Operations Officer – Basics in Banking, Skills training (communication and analytical skills), all trade products Operations
  3. Consumer Banking Operations Officer- Basics in Banking, Skills training (communication and analytical skills), all retail products Operations

Other Generic Job Profile Training can also be undertaken on a customised basis for select clients.