Brief Introduction

Welcome to Eastern Shepherd International (ESI), 

Eastern Shepherd is led by industry experts with over twenty years of experience in Cyber Security, Operational Risk Training and Project Management. ESI is a leader in Information Security Consulting services providing a range of value added services. ESI provides Cyber Risk Assessments, VAPT, Corporate training programs, Cyber Awareness programs and cyber security workshops are few of them.

The motto of Eastern Shepherd is to show “the Way, Truth and Life “. Therefore, to make a difference in the families and the lifestyles of unemployed youth in India. ESI will also make them employable in the shortest possible time through career counselling and training. ESI will lead them in an accelerated path, teaching them truths about living an abundant life. The vision of Eastern Shepherd is sustainable lifestyle enhancement through holistic training. ESI will empower the youth to be blessed and to be a blessing to others in the community.